Reps. Carter, Mace introduce bill to mitigate flooding

Staff Report

U.S. Congressman Troy Carter (D-LA) and Congresswoman Nancy Mace (R-SC) reintroduced the bipartisan Veterans Affairs Flood Preparedness Act. 

U.S. Rep. Troy Carter (D-LA) speaks during an event April 6, 2023 at the Lemann Memorial Center in Donaldsonville.

According to a news release from Carter's office, the bill would empower the VA to work directly with local governments on flood mitigation projects that secure access to critical care facilities for veterans and provide Congress with a better understanding of the flood risk facing these essential public health assets.

South Carolina Rep. Nancy Mace is shown in a file photo.

"In southeast Louisiana we know the power and disruption that storms and floods can bring all too well," Carter said. "After Hurricane Katrina, the V.A. Center in New Orleans flooded badly, shutting down operations at this critical site. This bill will help position V.A. centers across the country so that they can better partner with local authorities on flooding studies to better identify the shortcomings of the past and shore up facilities to serve veterans for generations to come."

“For years, veterans have been significantly impeded from accessing the Ralph H. Johnson V.A. Medical Center in Charleston due to constant flooding on the adjacent street and in the parking lot. This is in a very vulnerable area for flooding and the city is limited in what they can do to mitigate the problems because the facility is federal,” Mace said.