St. Amant athletic trainers work with fire departments for better treatment of sports injuries

Staff Report
Ascension Parish volunteer firefighters attend a training session on how to assist injured players.

As high schools around the Ascension Parish area prepare for the beginning of football season, volunteer firefighters are getting a lesson in how to assist injured players.

A serious injury on the field can land a player in the back of an ambulance, and with all that equipment first responders need to be prepared in getting players off the field and the help they need, stated St. Amant Fire Chief James E. LeBlanc.

Volunteer firefighters from the St. Amant, 5th Ward, 7th District, and Galvez-Lake volunteer fire departments trained with the athletic trainers of St. Amant High School to get prepared for responding to injured players in local schools, LeBlanc said.

“We used to bring these patients, the players, into the ER with suspected spinal injury and they would still be packaged up in their helmet and pads,” LeBlanc said.

He added that this type of training is revisited every year, and now several volunteer fire departments here in Ascension Parish are ready in the case of an emergency.