Ascension Parish volunteer firefighters train on live vehicle fires

Staff Report
A total of 36 volunteer firefighters from the Galvez-Lake VFD, St. Amant VFD, and the 5th Ward VFD trained together on live vehicle fires.

A total of 36 volunteer firefighters trained together on live vehicle fires July 25.

St. Amant Chief James LeBlanc shared photos of the firefighters extinguishing the fully engulfed cars during the training session.

Galvez-Lake, St. Amant, and the 5th Ward volunteer fire departments all participated.

LeBlanc thanked Galvez-Lake for hosting the training event for the volunteers.

Along with hands-on actual fire training, local volunteer firefighters were trained how to approach a vehicle fire, including accounting for terrain and wind conditions, dealing with oil leaks and explosions from tires or bumpers, stated lead instructor for the training Captain Ryan Beaumont.

The volunteer firefighters were refreshed on basic skills such as hose handling, nozzle operation, search and rescue and self contained breathing apparatus, stated Beaumont.

“We encourage our volunteer fire departments here in Ascension Parish to train together, and this is ideal,” stated Chief Officer Bo James. This was a huge group and these volunteer firefighters from three different departments, and they communicated well between each other."

"The training tonight is what we have been working on for years here in Ascension Parish, our volunteer firefighters working together," stated LeBlanc.

The volunteer firefighters worked in teams, with fire line officers guiding them, approached the blazing vehicles and put the fire out, stated LeBlanc. They were then instructed on how to circle a burning vehicle, safely open doors and the hood, all while maintaining control over the fire hose, the nozzle and the use of foam.