Actor Morgan Freeman filming 57 Seconds in Lafayette

Staff Report

Morgan Freeman and the cast and crew have kicked off filming on the science-fiction thriller "57 Seconds" in Lafayette.

As reported by sister publication The Lafayette Daily Advertiser, the famous actor has been spotted around the Acadiana area.

A restaurant posted photos on Facebook of several people working on the film, including Freeman, enjoying food at the establishment.

When Curmudgeon Films, the studio behind the movie, announced that it would be filming in Lafayette, it said shooting would run for about five weeks beginning April 11, along with 20 weeks of post-production work, the publication reported.

Several residents have posted on social media about working for the production at the Cajundome. The production said it was hiring 80 temporary, full-time positions, such as office assistant, accounting clerk, production assistants, and more for the shoot in Lafayette.

The film is based on the story "Fallen Angel" by E.C. Tubbs and is directed by Rusty Cundieff. It is written by Macon Blair.

Griff Furst, the president of Curmudgeon Films, said the movie looks at how technology forces people to reflect on questions of ethics and morality.

The production will result in an estimated 2,750 nights in local hotels, $226,800 in crew per diem spent locally, $108,000 in catering and craft services and more than $1 million for local purchasing and renting of goods and services, according to the Advertiser.

Of the $8.5 million expected to be spent in Lafayette, $2.7 million is anticipated to go toward payroll for Louisiana residents.