Ascension Parish Council's Corey Orgeron ordered to pay legal fees in president lawsuit

Staff Report
Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment receives a lawsuit from District 4’s Corey Orgeron during the June 3, 2021 Ascension Parish Council meeting at the courthouse in Donaldsonville.

The Ascension Parish Council's District 4 representative Corey Orgeron has been ordered to pay some $9,900 in attorney and court fees incurred from a lawsuit filed against the parish's president

Judge Tess Stomberg of the 23rd Judicial Court, which includes Ascension, St. James, and Assumption parishes, dismissed the lawsuit that Orgeron handed to Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment during the June 3, 2021 council meeting held at the Donaldsonville courthouse.

Orgeron contended the president and his administration has withheld records from him and the council.

He intended for a judge to determine the president's authority under the home rule charter.

In a Facebook post in June, Orgeron stated he had made “request after request for information” over a period of 15 months involving the utilities and drainage departments, personnel, and other general information.

The lawsuit was filed prior to a volatile second half of 2021. Disagreements between Orgeron and other members of the council as well as the administration over drainage led to Cointment's controversial temporary removal as director of East Ascension Drainage.

During that time, citizen groups organized efforts to recall Orgeron and five other council members - John Cagnolatti, Teri Casso, Aaron Lawler, Dempsey Lambert, and Dal Waguespack.

The six recall campaigns were unsuccessful, as the deadlines have passed for all six recalls.