St. Amant native Lucy Cason named Ascension Parish human resources director

Staff Report
Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment has named parish native Lucy Burton Cason as Director of Human Resources.

Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment has named Lucy Burton Cason as the parish's director of human resources.

“We conducted an exhaustive search and found exactly who we were looking for right in our own back yard,” stated Cointment. “Lucy brings a wealth of international experience combined with an ingrained understanding of Ascension Parish’s unique personality.”

Cason is a 1992 graduate of St. Amant High School, but she left Ascension in 1996 to accompany her husband, Lt Col. Kemp Cason (ret.) on a 21-year career with the United Stated Marine Corps.

During that time, she forged a career of her own: 22 years in Federal Human Resources with the Department of the Navy, Army, & Marine Corps. Some of her more notable appointments include Head of Recruitment/Staffing/Classification for Marine Corps Base Albany, Georgia; Head of Recruitment/Staffing/Classification for Marine Corps Bases Japan Okinawa, Japan; Deputy Director of Human Resources, Marine Corps Bases Japan Okinawa, Japan; and HR Advisor to Echelon II Navy Command, Program Executive Office Enterprise Information Systems, Washington D.C.

She was awarded the Navy Superior Civilian Service Award (the highest civilian honorary award at the major claimant level) for her efforts.

Cason earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from Campbell University (cum laude) and a master of arts – human resources development from Webster University (suma cum laude).

Cason credits her success to her St. Amant upbringing.

“I’ve worked for many federal commands all over the country and overseas. However, my very first job was and is the most valuable job I ever held - the one that taught me the most about being a responsible and compassionate employee, an employee truly oriented towards the well-being of our fellow human beings,” she said. “This job was at Bourgeois Brothers grocery store in St. Amant, where I worked four years before I married and moved out of state. The Bourgeois family, with whom I remain close today, could write a book on the meaning of selfless service to society.”

Cason moved home in 2016 after Lt. Col. Cason’s retirement from the Marine Corps. She is the mother of two girls: the late Addie Noelle Cason and Emma Lucille Cason, who is currently a junior at St. Amant High School.

They are active parishioners of Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church in St. Amant.

“Growing up I knew no other home than St. Amant, though I’m not originally from Louisiana. My family relocated to St. Amant from Vicksburg, Mississippi when I was a baby. I don’t have generations of family in this area, but I do love Ascension Parish with the same depth as my friends that count their generations here with all their fingers and toes,” said Cason. “I left federal service to accept the appointment as the Ascension Parish Human Resources Director in order to make a difference, in any measure, to the workforce of my hometown. I am honored, grateful, and I look forward to the progress we will make in Ascension Parish.”