Ascension Parish raises nearly $25,000 for Lafourche schools' hurricane recovery

Staff Report

Following Hurricane Ida in the fall of 2021, Ascension Parish Public Schools held district-wide dress-down days to raise funds for Lafourche Public Schools that sustained severe damage to multiple campuses and facilities.

According to a news release from Ascension Parish Schools, when EATEL heard about the fundraising efforts, they donated $2,500, bringing the total to $24,406 for Lafourche.

"Hurricane Ida devastated so much of South Louisiana, and our hearts went out to the regions and school districts with extensive damage. Our schools' and community's efforts to donate towards the recovery of Lafourche Parish Schools is exemplative of the spirit of Ascension Parish and one of our core values: service," stated Ascension Public Schools Superintendent David Alexander. "A public school system is a critical piece for any community in their effort to recover from a disaster. We’ve learned that by first-hand experiences such as the Flood of 2016 and remain very appreciative of all the support we received both locally, statewide, and even from partners outside the state. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with all those impacted communities as they pursue full recovery from this event, and we are grateful to be able to contribute some small portion to the efforts in Lafourche."

According to Houma Today, Lafourche was one of four school districts hit hardest by hurricane Ida with an estimated recovery cost of at least $97 million which will take years to complete because of ongoing material and labor shortages around the area.

“When we caught wind of Ascension Public Schools’ students stepping up to aid young scholars in our sister market of Lafourche Parish, we were excited to support with matching funds,” stated Josh Descant, CEO of REV Broadband - the parent company of RTC, EATEL, EATEL Business, Vision Communications and VENYU. “It’s inspiring to witness the goodwill and altruism these future leaders consistently exhibit not just in Ascension Parish, but across the entire state.”

In addition to the funds raised, Ascension's Child Nutrition Department delivered cafeteria tables to South Lafourche High School in December, and several schools held supply drives for individual schools.

"We are extremely grateful and appreciative for the generous donation by the Ascension Public Schools district, EATEL, and its community,” stated Jarod Martin, Superintendent of Lafourche Parish Schools. “This money will assist us in returning Lafourche Parish School District to a pre-hurricane Ida status. Thanks to all of you for this most needed assistance."

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