Parish of Ascension staff brings Cajun cooking to Kentucky

Staff Report
Parish of Ascension staff members traveled to Kentucky to cook for residents recovering from the recent tornado devastation.

Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment praised the efforts of the parish's Department of Public Works staff as they traveled to Kentucky to pay forward the generosity the south Louisiana area received from the 2016 flood, Hurricane Ida, and other disasters.

According to the parish president, staff members served some 500 plates of gumbo for lunch on Dec. 20. They also planned for about 300 plates of spaghetti for the evening meal.

The following day's menu was set to include jambalaya and pulled-pork sandwiches.

"The residents of Graves County appreciate our efforts almost as much as DPW enjoyed serving people in need," Cointment stated. "As Parish President I am proud of their efforts and commitment to service. I also want to thank the East Ascension Rotary Club for the more than generous donation to cover ingredients. We truly are a special, place, a special parish and are blessed with special people."

The Parish of Ascension also posted photos of DPW's westbank crew, who donated toys and bikes to brighten Christmas for children.

"We are so proud of the toy and bike donations collected at DPW West in collaboration with Sheriff Bobby Webre’s Christmas Crusade," a social media post read. "Many families and children will be helped in our community this Christmas!"