St. Amant, 5th Ward volunteer firefighters visit fall fest

Special to The Weekly Citizen
Volunteer firefighters teach fire prevention at the Church of St. Amant Fall fest.

The St. Amant and 5th Ward Volunteer Fire Departments visited the Church of St. Amant Fall fest this past weekend to stress the importance of fire prevention with local students and Parents as part of Fire Prevention Month.

Fire Prevention Officer Sean Gilbert and his Fire Prevention Team talked with students at the Church of St. Amant, giving them fire prevention tips and a tour of the St. Amant and 5th Ward fire truck.

Activities included a tour of the department's emergency vehicles.

“Fire prevention is important all year long, but we like to make a special effort to promote it during the month of October,” said Fire Chief James E. LeBlanc. “With the weather getting colder and the holidays coming, there are more opportunities for fires with holiday decorations, cooking fires and fireplaces. We just want the community to have information to help them prevent fires, and to know what to do if something happens in their home or business. We love coming to our local day care centers, churches and schools as it is a good way for us to spread the word about fire prevention and to meet the kids in person.”

Fire Prevention Officer Gilbert provides age-appropriate fire prevention tips to students including “low and go” if they smell smoke or see a fire, practicing exit strategies from their house with families, creating a meeting place outside the house in case of fire and to call 911.  

Members of the St. Amant and 5th Ward Volunteer Fire Departments have visited our local schools and daycare facilities to give children tips about fire safety, show off the fire engine, demonstrate fire gear, and teach them not to fear firefighters in emergency situations, stated LeBlanc.