Ascension Parish waterways reopen to recreational boats

Staff Report
Ascension Parish

In another sign of recovery from the devastations of Hurricane Ida, Ascension Parish has announced that it is reopening all of its waterways to recreational boat traffic effective immediately.

“With everything we’ve been through, I think people need a little recreation,” Ascension Parish President Clint Cointment said. “Plus, the weather is supposed to be gorgeous this weekend.”

He noted that parish officials have been in regular contact with electrical utility companies, who have confirmed that all electrical lines are removed from the waterways.

But some smaller canals and tributaries may be partially or fully blocked with debris, so he urged caution.

“Many waterways still have floating debris, although most appears to be settling on the banks,” said Cointment. “But with boat traffic that could result in debris breaking lose. Again, please use extreme caution.”

He also noted that due to the amount of debris following out of our waterways into Lake Maurepas, there may be many hidden dangers. And since the storm brought on some major fish kills in several areas, “the air may be kind of pungent.”

Livingston Parish has done assessments on their waterways and have determined it is not safe to reopen their areas at this time and boaters are asked to respect that decision.