City of Gonzales large-scale debris removal set for Sept. 6

Staff Report
Robert Lirette clears debris Aug. 30 from the road and neighbors' yards after Hurricane Ida passed through Houma.

The City of Gonzales released information on large-scale debris removal operations set to begin Sept. 6 in the city limits.

The city's contractor, CERES, will pick up Hurricane Ida debris from public rights-of-way.

Gonzales residents who wish to have their vegetative debris (tree branches, logs, trunks, stumps, etc.) and construction debris (fence boards, roof material, building materials, etc.) removed can greatly assist the contractor in getting the debris off their property and properly disposed of.

FEMA policy does not allow the City of Gonzales or its debris contractor to go onto private property to collect debris; the contractor must remain on the public roadway while removing your storm-related vegetative debris.

Therefore all eligible debris must be taken and placed along the roadway shoulder (not in the road) for removal.

In placing vegetative debris along the shoulder, stack it wide along the shoulder, not deep into the property. The contractor’s equipment can only reach about ten feet from the roadway, so any debris placed greater than ten feet from the edge of the road may be left and uncollected.

Adhere to the following guidelines when staging your debris:

· Do not put any household municipal waste/garbage in the debris pile, as the city will collect your normal household waste/garbage as scheduled;

· Do not place it in any swales or ditches, and do not hide mailboxes, fire hydrants, signs, or other such appurtenances in the debris. If the contractor can’t see these items, they may be damaged in the removal operation.

· Separate vegetative debris from construction debris into individual piles, and do NOT use plastic bags for any vegetative debris. Vegetative piles with plastic bags will not be picked up. Piles of mixed debris will not be picked up.

Anyone with questions regarding this operation can email