Our Lady of the Lake Ascension's Dr. Chris Trevino talks about COVID-19

Staff Report

State Rep. Tony Bacala shared an interview Aug. 18 with Our Lady of the Lake Ascension Dr. Chris Trevino, who shared insights on COVID-19 in the area.

Bacala, who represents District 59 in the Prairieville area, posted the video on his Facebook page. He said the conference call was shared with permission.

“I learned a lot about how the pandemic is affecting our community, and what we can do to slow the spread of this killer virus. I hope that you will take a few minutes to listen Dr. Trevino’s insight from the front line,” Bacala stated in the post.

Rep. Tony Bacala and Dr. Chris Trevino discuss COVID-19 in the area during a virtual conference.

In the 16-minute video, Trevino said the volume of patients has increased at the Gonzales hospital.

"It's been more than a struggle to meet all the needs of the patients in the community just because the volume has been tremendous," Trevino said.

He added that the hospital has been full "every day for weeks." He pointed out the Delta variant appears to be more transmissible, driving up the numbers.

Trevino said "there is no doubt" the vast majority of patients are unvaccinated.

He recalled how patients have told him not getting vaccinated "was probably the stupidest decision" they ever made.

"I feel bad for them because they are in a tough spot now. They can't undo the fact that they are sick. They really regret not taking the opportunity to be vaccinated," Trevino said.

He went on to talk about people who get breakthrough infections despite being fully vaccinated.

"By and large they are not getting as sick. I don't remember the last time I admitted a patient that was vaccinated and got COVID. They're just simply not that sick," Trevino said.

While the vaccination is not 100 percent, he said it is "definitely better than not being vaccinated."

The age group he has been seeing lately are in their 50s and 60s. Last week, he diagnosed some pediatric patients.

"We are seeing young, healthy folks. We are seeing women who are pregnant. We are seeing children," he said.

Trevino said he does not know of anyone in Ascension Parish being admitted due to vaccine side effects. Of the thousands of people vaccinated, he has not heard of any significant problems.

"The risk of not getting vaccinated and getting the virus far outweighs the risk of receiving the vaccine and wondering what the long term effects are. We know that there are certainly long-term effects of getting COVID," he said.

In speaking of the speed in which the vaccine was developed, he credited modern technology for the swift development.

"People just need to take action to stop it," Bacala said. "We have it within our power to do it. It's free, available, and easy to get. We just need to do it, and get past this."

Trevino concluded the interview by saying "the hospital will be here for you."

"It just breaks my heart to see my family, citizens, and neighbors have to suffer through it," he said.