Outdoor: Corner: Rodeos, Tournaments and the Sunshine State

Lyle Johnson

The 93rd annual Grand Isle Tarpon Rodeo was last weekend, Aug 22 through 24. The annual event was canceled in 2020 due to COVID but came back this year hitting on all cylinders.

Three of the biggest garfish caught in the LFACC Gar Rodeo.

The Island was full of anglers trying to make it to the leaderboard, plenty of spectators and families and friends enjoying the sun and beach life available on Grand Isle  these days.

It’s titled the Tarpon Rodeo so the glamour fish of all the categories is the Silver King. The Tarpon category is a tag and release these days, as most competitive anglers don’t keep them. First place went to the boat Stillwater (Capt. Jeremy McHugh), with 200 points as they landed a pair of the coveted fish.

Second place was the Blue Monkey (Capt. Al Cenac), with one fish for 100 points. Third place went to the Black Widow (Capt. Bill Price), with one fish for 100 points. Fourth place went to the Rock N Roll (Capt. John DeBliex), with 100 points. The First Tarpon caught prize went to the Stillwater, Jeremy McHugh.

Ascension Parish usually represents really well. Even though we had lots of anglers fishing for the cause, the only Ascension resident to place was Kevin Hatcher from Donaldsonville. He took first place in the Red Snapper division with a 31-6 monster.

Big Game Division; Dolphin: Greg Folse - 32-lbs., 4-ozs., Yellowfin Tuna: Dillon Arceneaux - 139-lbs., Blackfin Tuna: Ryan Longer - 27-lbs., 4-ozs. Wahoo: Grant Conner - 36-lbs., 4-ozs., Blue Marlin: None weighed, Best Angler: Ryan Longer.

Shoreline Division; Barracuda: Seth Orgeron - 31-lbs., 14-ozs., Bonito: Raymond Galatas - 14-lbs., 12-ozs., Cobia: David Moran - 44-lbs., 2-ozs.’ Croaker: Joshua Sumrall - 3-lbs., 4-ozs., Drum: Ridge Eschette - 42-lbs., 10-ozs., Flounder: Logan Boudreaux - 1-pound, 8-ozs.,Gafftopsail Catfish: Rob Muller - 6-lbs., 2-ozs..

Grouper: Malachi Dupre - 86-lbs., Jack Crevalle: Ella Douglas - 26-lbs., 12-ozs., Kick Mackerel: Mel Richard Jr., - 37-lbs., 2-ozs., Spanish mackerel: Michael White - 2-lbs., 12-ozs., Mangrove Snapper: Andrew Sufrin - 10-lbs., 12-ozs., Red Snapper: Kevin Hatcher - 31-lbs., 6-ozs.

Redfish: Billy Murray - 34-lbs., 14-ozs., Redfish Stringer: Joel Fauchaux - 33-lbs., 12-ozs., Sheepshead: Alaina Cifreo - 6-lbs., 14-ozs., Spadefish: Andrew Sufrin - 3-lbs.

Speckled Trout: Drake Hoffpouir - 4-lbs., 6 ozs., Tripletail - None weighed

White Trout: Lane Sumrall - 5-lbs., 14-ozs. Best All-Around Angler Inshore: Barry Bourgeois. Best All-Around Angler Shoreline: Seth Orgeron

Children’s Division: Gafftopsail Catfish: Dane Gray - 6-lbs., Hardhead Catfish: Grant Gibbens - 2-lbs., Channel Mullet: Alex Thibodaux - 12-ozs., Croaker: Anna Gibbens - 4-ozs., Redfish: Lola Guidry - 5-lbs., 4-ozs., Speckled Trout: Alexis Roberts - 3-lbs.

White Trout: Joshua Sumrall - 3-lbs., 6-ozs.

Kayak Division; Redfish: Barry Bourgeois - 7-lbs., 4-ozs., Redfish Stringer: Barry Bourgeois - 28-lbs., Speckled Trout: Davie Breaux - 2-lbs., 10-ozs.

One of the big stringers brought to the scales at the weigh-in.

Another big rodeo this weekend was the LFACC Garfish Rodeo was held out of Manny’s Bar in Head of Island. Lots of garfish made its way to the scales to see who the winner would be, although the kids would be the big winners as over $11,000 was raised for the kids of St Jude.

Taking first place for overall weight was Scott Watts with 10 whoppers that weighed in at 867.3 pounds. For folks with bad math skills that’s over 86 pounds per fish on average. Scott took home a check for $750 for his efforts.

Second place went to George (no last name) with a 10-fish limit that hit the scales at 765 pounds. Third place was captured by Joe Fontenot with a 10-fish limit that totaled 589.7 pounds. Abram Martinez landed the Big Fish of the Rodeo with a brute that tilted the scales for 157 pounds. and a $1,000 check. Big Trash Fish went to Katie Greiore with a 63-pound catfish.

The Ascension Area Anglers Open Bass Tournament will be Aug. 15 at Doiron’s Landing in Stephensville. The Club will be sending two anglers to the Louisiana BASS Nation Tournament so this TEAM bass tournament’s purpose is to support The Ascension Area Anglers Bass Club.

"Once again please come out and join us to help David Cavell and Hunter Neuville chase their dream,” said Tournament Director, Ryan Lavigne. “As always we will have plenty of prizes and raffle items. That along with some great food and awesome competition. It will make for a great day!”

Proceeds from this event will be used to assist with Club and Louisiana BASS Nation member expenses related to participation in The BASS Nation Championship and The Bassmaster’s Classic.

Tournament Details are as follows; Entry Fee: $100 per team. Date: Sunday, Aug. 15 at Doiron’s Landing (either side). Boundaries: CANNOT go south of HWY 90 (Adam’s Pits, ALL Doiron’s Subdivision Canals, and Bayou Tranquille are all OFFLIMITS).

Fishing Hours: Safe light until 3 p.m. Angler’s rods must be down at 3 p.m. Teams must be in line to weigh by 4:00 p.m. The first place team will receive a free entry for our 2022 event. (Team must remain the same to receive free entry.)

Payout Information (75 percent payback to anglers). Payout will be based upon participation: $1,000 first place based on 50-boat field / $2,000 first place Based on 100-boat field, $500 first place Big Bass.

For all the information you can contact Ryan Lavigne at (225) 921-9332, on his Facebook page or rlavigne12@yahoo.com to obtain an application along with the tournament rules.

One of the feisty bass caught by Canaan Watts on our trip to the golf course ponds.

On the lighter side, I took a trip with my wife, Deborah, to Florida to visit our daughter Kaycee and kids. Canaan and I tool about an hour and a half to visit his fishing holes on a local golf club.

We fished two ponds, striking out on the first one. At pond No. 2 our fortune was a little better as we landed three bass and missed a pair of the Florida largemouth. Great fun with a grandchild; life couldn’t be better. So until next time, remember to keep the slack out and set the hook hard. Have fun in the outdoors, be safe and may God truly bless you!

Outdoor Calendar

  • Tuesday Evening Bass Tournament: St James Boat Club, Fishers of men tournament trail will be hosting through August, with a Classic. 5 p.m. until dark. All info on Facebook Tuesday evening Blind River bass.
  • CCA Statewide Anglers’ Rodeo: Through Sept. 6. CCA Louisiana saltwater rodeo with divisions and numerous categories. Must be CCA member. Website: www.ccalouisiana.com
  • East Ascension Sportsman’s League Kid’s Fishing Rodeo: Oct 31 at Twin Lakes Park in Dutchtown. Registration 6 to 7 a.m., fishing from 7 to 9 a.m. Awards, prizes and food after fishing. For more information, contact Bettye Lambert (225) 571-4588.
  • JaBoom High School Master Classic: Aug 14 at Doiron’s Landing in Stephensville. High school angler teams must be accompanied by adult boat captain; $50 entry. For info go to www.jaboombaits.com.
  • Ascension Area Anglers Open Bass Tournament: Aug 15 at Doiron’s Landing in Stephensville. Entry fee $100 a team, pick your partner. Fishing from safe daylight to 3 p.m. Proceeds from this event will be used to assist with club and Louisiana BASS Nation member expenses related to participation in The BASS Nation Championship and The Bassmaster’s Classic. Contact Ryan Lavigne at (225) 921-9332.

Need an event publicized? Contact Lyle at reelman@eatel.net