Gonzales Police releases new surveillance photo in felony theft

Staff Report
Surveillance photo shared by Gonzales Police.

Gonzales Police Department detectives released new surveillance footage of a woman suspected in a felony theft at Walmart.

Police said the unknown suspect went to the store June 13 and abandoned a shopping cart containing $814.38 worth of merchandise after acting suspiciously in the garden center.

Between 10:46 and 11:05 p.m. on June 22, an unknown female, with the assistance of an unknown male, stole $1,274.24 worth of merchandise from Walmart. 

The unknown female used a fire escape gate in the garden center to exit the business undetected, where the unknown male awaited her arrival in a flatbed truck.

Among the merchandise that was stolen was two 65-inch Hisense televisions, an ION Party Boom Box, and two television wall mounts.

Anyone with any information pertaining to this incident, the individuals involved, or the flatbed truck, can contact Det. James Poe at (225) 647-9572.

For more photos, see GPD's Facebook post.