Edmonston assists vet with unemployment benefits

Staff Report
Air Force veteran Jacob Gee and State Rep. Kathy Edmonston

Of all her legislative work this year, what stands out are the opportunities State Rep. Kathy Edmonston has had to help people. There are many life stories, but the story that stands out of all the people she was able to assist was a young veteran honorably discharged in January 2020 from the Air Force after finishing a six-year enlistment. 

Jacob Gee was in Oklahoma when COVID hit the nation, applied for unemployment then came to Louisiana looking for work. After filing in Louisiana and waiting three months without receiving any benefits, he contacted Edmonston's office. He left for New Hampshire on a veteran-sponsored training program that covered the cost of the hotel and training, but Gee had nothing for a meal after class. With the help of Congressman Garrett Graves’ office in Baton Rouge and the Louisiana Workforce Commission, Gee began receiving benefits four months after applying while in New Hampshire.

Gee has returned to Ascension Parish to look for employment. Edmonston has stayed in contact. “Together we are able to keep helping people, one person at a time, and making a difference for the people in our great parish! It’s what makes my world go round,” Edmonston said.

Contact Edmonston's office at (225) 647-5646 or at hse088@legis.la.gov.