Girl Scout Troop 10286 prepares to become future business leaders

Megan Coco, Special to The Weekly Citizen

Ascension Girl Scout Troop 10286 recently had the opportunity to earn two badges (Business Owner and Mechanical Engineer: Crane Design Challenge) while touring Go-Devil Manufacturing of Louisiana.

From left to right, Molly Bowden, Libby Coco, Gabriel Cooper, Abrigale Cooper, Lizette Keith, Hailey Branch, Nicole Keith and Ellie Broussard.

Warren Coco, owner of Go-Devil and grandfather of troop member Libby Coco, told the girls how to take something you love and turn it into a business, which he did more than 40 years ago with no financing, no help and no paycheck for the first 3 years in business. This helped the Girl Scouts understand the dedication and sacrifice it takes to start a business.

Coco shared what he has learned about running a business, how to stay relevant and keep customers. The girls learned the difficulties and rewards of owning a business, how to make a small business grow, and how to not only keep customers but also show your appreciation to the employees. 

Additionally, the Girl Scouts learned about engineering and lifting while touring the facility. They saw how heavy items are easily moved or lifted by using various machines. Coco demonstrated how cranes work and why to choose a crane over a forklift based on the weight of the items. 

After the tour, the troop put their new-found knowledge to use by creating a business prototype. The girls set prices for their upcoming Christmas business adventure and set a desired profit margin. At home they will design and test a crane with their families. 

We appreciate Coco's time and continuous support to Girl Scouts as well as costal conservation.

Those in attendance were troop members; Ellie Broussard, Lizette Keith, Abrigale Cooper, Libby Coco, Hailey Branch and Molly Bowden. Leaders: Megan Dianne Coco and Annette Broussard, parent volunteers: Gabriel Cooper and Nicole Keith.