Baton Rouge General opens neighborhood hospital in Prairieville

Michael Tortorich
Baton Rouge General has a 42,554-square-foot medical complex off Hwy. 73 near Interstate 10 in Prairieville.

Baton Rouge General-Ascension partially opened its new 42,554-square-foot medical complex Monday off Hwy. 73 near Interstate 10 in Prairieville.

The neighborhood hospital, in its first phase of opening, offers primary care. The second phase will be in November, when the 14-bed emergency room and 10 inpatient hospital beds will open, according to Baton Rouge General spokesperson Chelsea LeBlanc.

Medical services to be offered in the second phase include: physical therapy and rehab, obstetrics and gynecology, lab services, and imaging (3D mammography, bone density scans, CT scans, and X-rays). 

Imaging is one of many services to be offered in the second phase. Others include: physical therapy and rehab, obstetrics and gynecology and lab services.

LeBlanc said the Ascension Parish location was chosen due to a noticeable influx of patients from the area in recent years. According to recent estimates, about 25,000 parish patients per year went to Baton Rouge General for care. Instead of traveling into Baton Rouge or Gonzales, residents of the Prairieville and Dutchtown areas can seek medical services closer to home.

“We hope to serve a gap in the community. We’re really excited about it,” LeBlanc said.

Early last year, when construction began on the facility, Baton Rouge General President and CEO Edgardo Tenreiro said the need for primary, urgent, and emergency care was evident as the parish has grown in population. 

The neighborhood hospital concept is relatively new, designed to be convenient and easy to access for local residents.

Onsite kiosk are available for patient check in.

The complex, located across from the Hollows of Dutchtown subdivision, joins an expanding presence of hospitals on the fast-growing east side of the parish. Ochsner, Our Lady of the Lake, and Prairieville Family Hospital have expanded in the area in recent years.

LeBlanc said the new hospital was designed to cut waiting time by utilizing technology. Patients can check in when they arrive through the hospital’s app or onsite kiosk to go straight into their exam room.

The streamlined system allows patients to reduce contact, especially important during the pandemic. There are no waiting rooms, scheduling is online, and forms are completed through the app.

“It’s a very cool new experience, and there’s less risk,” LeBlanc said.