Planning Commission advances zoning amendments

Staff Report

The Gonzales Planning and Zoning Commission will consider five amendments to the City Code sent to the commission by the city council to require developers to submit a drainage impact study at the time of application for a preliminary plat of a major subdivision.

"What we do now is approve the preliminary plat, and then later on we require them to do a drainage impact study," said City Clerk and Chief Administrative Officer Scot Byrd. "What we are considering doing is what the parish already does."

Gonzales City Councilman David Guitreau told the planning commission that plans are being discussed to alleviate some of the city's and the parish's drainage issues.

"Nothing's really definite yet," Guitreau said. "We're discussing it with the governor's office, the parish president, and engineers, trying to see what's going to work, and do we have the money to make it work."

Commissioner Scott Hughes said having the drainage study at the same time as the preliminary plat would help commissioners.

"I feel that having a drainage impact study is going to help us in the process of looking at everything. I think it would be an ideal spot for it," he said.

The planning commission will hold a public hearing and public meeting for further consideration of the amendments at the next regular meeting of the Planning and Zoning Commission on Nov. 2.