Louisiana State Rep. Edmonston assists Gonzales resident

Staff Report

Louisiana State Rep. Kathy Edmonston was an advocate for persons with disabilities long before she became a state representative in District 88.

Louisiana State Rep. Kathy Edmonston helped Derek Storms get the paperwork processed to get hardware for his car.

She began as an advocate helping others in the community who were having difficulty getting help in the school system. Edmonston worked in the Ascension Parish School system for almost 25 years helping parents, students and teachers to insure student success. As a citizen advocate, she was also instrumental in passing legislation for those with disabilities to get a high school diploma.

During the current health emergency, she was contacted by a Gonzales resident, Derek Storms, who needed hardware for his car due to his handicap in order to drive. The proper paperwork had been submitted, but was delayed due to many employees being required to stay at home. With the help of his counselor, Edmonston was able to track down the paperwork and secure the necessary funding to install the hardware in Derek’s vehicle.

“Helping people is my passion,” Edmonston said. “We receive all kinds of calls related to unemployment and other needs that my constituents have. It is a real joy to help each one.”

If you have a need during these difficult times, do not hesitate to call her office at (225) 647-5646 or email her at for assistance.