Gonzales Mayor Barney Arceneaux issues statement

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

All of us are hurting right now. I think it’s impossible not to be hurting when we see images that break our hearts and shatter our faith.

I want to state that I have read Chief Jackson’s statement many times over the last few days. What an honor it is to work with him. I can’t top his words, but I can support them. And I do. Law enforcement officers are trained men and women, and it is beyond reprehensible when they cross that line. Betty and I have been praying for the family and friends of George Floyd, and we hope that swift and effective justice prevails. We all know what we saw, and we must demand to never see it again. Fair and equal justice is the best way to ensure that.

I will always stand by the American right to gather and to protest. But when I say that, I stress that I stand by the peaceful methods used to do that. What we’re seeing across our country is heartbreaking for many reasons. Perhaps the main one is that those who peacefully wanted to be heard are again being silenced by groups and people of all walks of life, and all colors and creeds, wanting to use national attention for their own gain. That’s not what this was meant to do. I hope that we can find our way back to remembering the true message and peacefully find a better way forward.

With that being said, our governor began talking about moving forward yesterday. I know it’s difficult to remember there’s a pandemic still going on, but there is, and seeing an end in sight is a something we can look forward to. On June 5 we’ll see all businesses reopening, and existing businesses being able to open up to larger visitors. Things will not be the same normal we once knew, but a new normal may be just what we all need.

I send you all, each of you, my love. Every day I govern a community of different people. Some richer or poor than their friends and their neighbors. Some old. Some young. Some black. Some white. And every day I am proud of how much none of that seems to matter here. We are, and will always be, One Gonzales.