Cajun cooking host plans jambalaya fundraiser

Michael Tortorich
Rodney Dupuy holds the flag as Chase Tyler sings the national anthem May 16 at Galvez Hardware and Outdoor Cooking.
Photo by T'Shanda Baldridge.

Rodney Dupuy has been eager to get back to the normal swing of things.

He cooked jambalaya for 100 people May 16 at Galvez Hardware and Outdoor Cooking, something he plans to do again to raise funds for local fire and police departments on the front lines during the pandemic.

Dupuy, who hosts Cajun Livin N Cookin, said he will cook again on May 30. He teamed up with Tyler Billingsley, owner of TeeWayne’s, to prepare the jambalaya plates.

“We’re just trying to get back to normal,” Dupuy said. “We didn’t make much the first time, but we were able to get a few people out in public again. We will do it again.”

Local artist Chase Tyler was on hand to sing the national anthem.

“He said he’d love to sing for us. It was pretty cool. I had some chills listening,” Dupuy said.

Coronavirus has caused many traditions to be cancelled this year, such as the popular Jambalaya Festival in Gonzales. Normally, Dupuy would cover such cooking competitions to showcase to the community.

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