Local volunteer fire departments respond to Lake Middle School fire

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Volunteer firefighters from the St. Amant, 5th Ward, Galvez-Lake & Sorrento Volunteer Fire Departments responded to a working fire on Monday night around 7:31 p.m., at the Lake Middle School on Hwy. 431.

The fire at Lake Middle School was contained to one 5th Grade classroom. There was a home basketball game going on at the time of the fire, and two local Ascension Parish students discovered the fire while going to the restroom during the basketball game.

The quick response by these two students saved a lot of devastation to the school. Remembering their local fire drills performed at their Ascension schools prompted them to move into action quick by alerting school officials during the game.

School officials and volunteer firefighters immediately set off the fire alarm and residents were removed from the school quickly. We had several volunteer firefighters at the school at the basketball game, and these volunteers were able to alert volunteers that were at the St. Amant fire station less than a half mile down Hwy 431.

Local volunteer firefighters were on the campus in less than three minutes of the notification. The fire in the classroom was out in less than ten minutes of the dispatch.

The school, which has just re-opened recently from the 2016 flood, had heavy damage to one classroom. Local volunteer firefighters remained at the school investigating the cause and removing whatever belongings could be saved out the classroom. School was closed to students on Tuesday while the clean-up process begins, stated LeBlanc.

Our school officials will keep all informed on when students return back to the Fighting Lions' campus. The complete investigation continues today with the St. Amant Volunteer Fire Department.

Again, we are completely blessed to have the volunteer fire departments that we have in Ascension. Their training kicked into high gear tonight and we are very proud of their efforts and dedication.

Contributed by Chief Officer James E. LeBlanc