Louisiana Teachers announce primary endorsements

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees (LFT), has announced endorsements for the 2019 primary elections. 74 candidates have been selected from around the state who have each demonstrated their commitment to supporting public education issues which influence our schools, our teachers, and our students.

"LFT's only priority when endorsing candidates is whether or not they will support the work our members do every day in Louisiana Public Schools. We aren't concerned about Democrat or Republican, only their commitment to public education. We have to ask: will this candidate uphold the values of public education and ensure every school is the best it can be?" said Larry Carter, President of Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees. "I think that this year we have some great candidates who can really make a difference in our children’s future," he added.

LFT is an organization of teachers and support staff, governed by elected teachers and support staff. It is widely recognized as Louisiana's largest and most effective advocate for teachers and school employees. These endorsements are made will the full support of LFT's elected Executive Board of Louisiana public school teachers and support staff.

The full list of endorsements is as follows:

Governor – John Bel Edwards

Board of Elementary and Secondary Education

District 1: Marion Bonura

District 2: Shawon Bernard & Ashonta Wyatt

District 3: Janice Perea

District 5: Stephen Chapman

District 6: Gregory Spiers

District 7: Timala 'Timmie' Melancon

District 8: Vereta Tanner Lee

State Senate

2nd District: Edward 'Ed' Price

3rd District: Joseph 'Joe' Bouie

5th District: Karen Carter Peterson

10th District: Arita M. Lipps Bohannan

12th District: Darrell Fairburn

13th District: J. Rogers Pope

14th District: Patricia 'Pat' Smith

15th District: Regina A. Barrow

16th District: Beverly Brooks Thompson

20th District: Brenda Babin

24th District: Gerald Boudreaux

28th District: Robert Johnson

29th District: Jay Luneau

30th District: James K. Armes

36th District: Ryan Gatti

38th District: John Milkovich

39th District: Gregory Tarver

State House of Representatives

1st District: Randall Liles

5th District: Brian A. Salvatore

10th District: Creighton Wilson

16th District: Frederick D. Jones

18th District: Jeremy S. LaCombe

20th District: Neil Riser

21st District: C. Travis Johnson

26th District: 'Ed' Larvadain

28th District: Donald Milligan

30th District: A. C. 'Chuck' Dowden

32nd District: Herman Ray Hill

33rd District: Stuart Moss

34th District: Wilford Carter

36th District: Phillip Tarver

38th District: 'Phil Cowboy' Lemoine

39th District: Paul 'Polo' Carter

40th District: Dustin Miller

43rd District: Leslie Bourque

45th District: Rhonda Kim Gleason

47th District: Ryan Bourriaque

48th District: Dana Dugas

51st District: Clayton Voisin

57th District: Randal L. Gaines

58th District: 'Ken' Brass

62nd District: Roy Daryl Adams

63rd District: Barbara West Carpenter

66th District: Morgan Lamandre

67th District: Leah Cullins

68th District: Taryn C. Branson

70th District: Belinda Davis

71st District: Lori Callais

71st District: 'Buddy' Mincey

72nd District: 'Robby' Carter

73rd District: William 'Bill' Wheat

74th District: Cindy Renee Winch

75th District: Malinda Brumfield White

76th District: S. Michele Blanchard

83rd District: Kyle M. Green

84th District: Timothy P. Kerner

87th District: Rodney Lyons

88th District: Kathy Edmonston

89th District: Erin Feys Powell

91st District: Mandie Landry

94th District Tammy Savoie

95th District Robin Parrott

96th District Cammie 'Yogi' Maturin

97th District Matthew Willard

100th District Jason Hughes

105th District Mack Cormier

Contributed by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees