Sorrento Town Hall discusses fee increase for lawn care

Logan Ridenour
Town Council of Sorrento, La. discussed grass-cutting ordinance, a new Zoning Map, and an extension on the moratorium on major and minor subdivisions at the September 3 meeting.

The Sorrento Town Council met for their scheduled meeting on September 3. Among agenda items was an amendment of a grass-cutting ordinance, a new Zoning Map, and an extension on the moratorium on major and minor subdivisions. Councilman Randy Anny was not present.

During the police report provided by the Ascension Parish Sheriff's Office, it was stated that there were 21 vehicle accidents, two burglaries, 10 thefts and 32 traffic citations issued for the month of August.

There was also a resolution passed to promote the upcoming 2020 census. The census will take place in April. With more participation comes more government funding for the town of Sorrento.

There was a public hearing to discuss Ordinance 19-09, an ordinance to amend Chapter 30, Section 173 of the Code of Ordinances "with respect to 'Abatement' and the removal of weeds, grass, or other noxious growths and accumulations."

The main issue at hand for this amendment was the increase in fees for violation of the ordinance. The new prices are as follows: "Grass cutting charges shall be $400 dollars for an area of one-half acre or less, $800 dollars for an area of one acre or less but more than one-half acre and $1,200 for each acre over one acre."

The council also approved the new Town of Sorrento's Development Zoning Map and the creation and enactment of Zoning Tables A and B. These changes correlate with the updated Development and Rezoning Code for Sorrento. The updated map can be found on the Town of Sorrento's official website.

Mayor Mike Lambert says the town can look forward to a new recreational facility that features a walking trail, exercise stations and a kids' play area.

Another item wrapping up is a sewer project.

"Right now we got a project just about finished. Our sewer project that we received a $220,000 grant from FEMA for damage from the flood," said Mayor Lambert.