Ascension Parish Council Meeting notes August 1

Logan Ridenour

The Ascension Parish Council held their regularly scheduled meeting on August 01, 2019. Among items discussed was a continuing discussion on the fill ordinance, the approval of an extension on park improvements, and the reading of new ordinances.

With the new fill ordinance still under development, council members discussed its progress. It is projected to be ready for its official introduction on August 15. Revisions and additions continue to be made to the ordinance with the hopes of passing it on the first round.

This goal is still following the previously established timeline at the last meeting and maintaining the commitment to keep the resolution to temporarily ban the use of fill in designated areas to manage the flood plane.

Council members also passed the extension on Hillaryville Park Improvements by 111 days due to water levels on the Mississippi River.

Moreover, they also voted to pass the ordinance to revoke a 25-foot drainage servitude across Lots B-1-A and B-1-B of the former Eva Dixon property. Along with this ordinance, they also passed an ordinance to revoke a seven and a half foot drainage servitude along the eastern property boundary of Lot B-4 and a seven-and-a-half-foot drainage servitude along the western property boundary of Lot B-5.