Spanish and French teachers receive orientation to teach across Louisiana

Logan Ridenour

The Department of Education hosted new international teachers for three days last week in Baton Rouge, with the goal to prepare them to teach and be comfortable in Louisiana.

"Every year, we invite teachers from all over the world to come and teach in Louisiana," Michele Braud, the World Language Specialist for the Department of Education said.

This year, there are about 110 educators arriving from areas like France, Belgium, Spain, Mexico, and Canada. During their three day orientation, the Department of Education will help them get accustomed to the way of life here and set them up for success to teach.

"I was a French teacher 20 years ago," Peggy Feehan said. "I enjoyed it so much I wanted to stay."

Now, Feehan is a pivotal point for making these new educators comfortable in Louisiana.

Bringing educators from other countries exposes children to cultures they may not see otherwise. "This way we're bringing these countries into their schools," Braud said.

These educators will be teaching students ranging from preschool to eighth grade throughout the state.

The development of these cultural and language skills will provide an added advantage to the students' economic future, said Feehan. The ability to speak another language will give them a competitive edge when applying for colleges and seeking jobs.