Impact fees among top priorities of Sorrento Council

Logan Ridenour
Town of Sorrento Council

The Sorrento Council met for a regular meeting on Tuesday, July 2. Among agenda items was a monthly police report, employee raises including an increase to the annual compensation for the town clerk and the implementation of policies in response to future growth in Sorrento.

During the month of June there were 15 accidents, 2 burglaries, 5 deaths, 9 alarms, 2 narcotics arrests, one arrest and 107 total calls.

There was an introduction to amending the grass cutting ordinance. Robert Debate proposed an increase in costs based on the policies in place by Gonzales and Donaldsonville. This item was deferred to next the next council meeting, pending the written proposal.

The discussion of employee raises was deferred to the next council meeting.

The motion to approve the ordinance regarding an increase to the annual compensation for the town clerk did not pass. Then there was a proposal to add a new agenda item regarding another amendment to this same ordinance by Patti Poche. This change to the agenda did not pass and the item will be discussed at a later date.

Next, a public hearing was held for the ordinance regarding employee insurance. There was a vote in favor of repealing the ordinance.

Then the issue of impact fees was discussed. Impact fees could potentially effect traffic, public safety and infrastructure if not implemented. They are especially pertinent during increases in residential and developmental growth.

"We are facing growth that hasn't been seen in Sorrento," Mayor Lambert said.

Impact fees along with infrastructure and zoning were listed among Mayor Lambert's top priorities.