Candidate for Governor, Rispone visits with Ascension Republican Women

Darian Graivshark
Eddie Rispone addressing Ascension Parish guests on Thursday, June 20.

A Christian Conservative, pro-life, pro-familiy, and pro-gun, Eddie Rispone spoke at the Ascension Republican Women's monthly luncheon on Thursday, June 20. Rispone is a candidate for Governor of Louisiana.

"I'm a businessman. I started working in construction at the age of 15. Eventually, my brother and I founded the ISC company. Every year, it brings in approximately $350 million dollars in revenue. We also employ hundreds of people. I worked for everything that I've done. I even paid my own way through college at LSU," Rispone said.

To Rispone, there is no reason Louisiana shouldn't be number one in the South in jobs and opportunities. He calls Louisiana a sportsman's paradise, and says that we have everything going for us. He also believes that the next Governor needs to be an outsider with no special interest, and also knows business like him.

"We have the lowest GDP rate in the South at 1.1 percent. What's been great about Trump, though, is that he's brought 400,000 manufacturing jobs to Louisiana, or 6,000 new employees per month added the last two years during his tenure," Rispone said as an example of the importance of businessmen.

Rispone believes that Gov. Edwards would rather raise the sales taxes versus increasing business opportunities, and he wants to increase those.

"I've found myself debating with Edwards in my sleep at three in the morning. There's so many things he could be doing differently," Rispone said.

For the last 12 years, Rispone has also been involved with helping more than 135,000 children in D and F schools with their education. Rispone says that your money situation shouldn't determine the type of education you get.

Something else he wants everyone to know is that he will be doing his Governor job, if elected, full-time, and would not be involved with the ISC company.

"You wouldn't accept being last in anything in your life, so why are we accepting last for our state? I'm going to help us take our state back and move forward to bigger and better things," Rispone said.

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