Launch of pilot program for BioCorRx, Inc.

Darian Graivshark
A BioCorRx Implant pellet.

With the right support, BioCorRx knows that people can overcome addiction and lead productive, fulfilling lives.

In 2011, there were 70 prescription opioid-involved deaths. That number rose to 168 deaths in 2017. Recently, in order to address the issue, the Louisiana Department of Corrections (LADOC) has partnered with BioCorRx, a biomedical company.

The partnership includes providing a select number of Louisiana inmates with the opportunity to try a unique implant, which would help combat their opioid and/or alcohol use disorder.

The treatment includes a naltrexone implant. On May 1, it was done on a soon-to-be released inmate of Louisiana State Penitentiary. This particular naltrexone is a pellet that is inserted into the lower abdomen. Ashley Rose, PR Account Executive of CMW Media, explained that the inmates who are selected are receiving the entire BioCorRx Recovery Program.

BioCorRx Recovery Program includes proprietary cognitive behavioral therapy modules, peer support, multi-month sustained release naltrexone implant, and patient tracking, which aims at helping them to maintain their sobriety.

"We are passionate about individuals overcoming addiction and have seen demonstrated results from our BioCorRx Recovery Program nationwide," says BioCorRx CEO, President and Director, Brady Granier. "We are so proud to partner with the Louisiana Department of Corrections to showcase the effectiveness of sustained release naltrexone combined with structured behavioral therapy and peer support."

The two companies believe that the treatment has the ability to give people back their lives, as well as to become productive citizens. They share that addiction should not just be punished, but that those punished should be offered the hope of freedom and a path forward.

"This type of therapy has been used successfully for decades in many modern countries and I am tremendously grateful for the opportunity to finally implement the program in Louisiana. We have a chance to work with the criminal justice system as well as the families devastated by deadly drugs," State Rep. Valarie Hodges stated in an official news release.

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