Groundbreaking ceremony held for new Bluff Middle School

Darian Graivshark
Dirt is tossed into the air to celebrate the groundbreaking.

"When I say go, you say Bears. Go, Bears!"

Fall of 2020 will welcome the opening of the new school, Bluff Middle School. Bluff will be relieving Dutchtown and Prairieville Middle schools. The cost to build Bluff is $27.5 million dollars.

"We are blessed to have the resources and people who have the heart to commit to giving resources in order to build this school," Superintendent of Ascension Public Schools David Alexander said. "It is going to give children the opportunity to enjoy life, contribute, and have a quality of life from receiving quality education."

"Our goal is to create learning spaces to support and create innovative learning," Director of Middle Schools Edith Walker said. "To encourage students to be their best, we use the Bear to represent leadership and encourage them to stand up in adversity."

The message school leaders wish to share is that there are two milestones in celebrating achievements such as this. The first is the coming together to celebrate the groundbreaking. The second is when the school is finally built, and everyone returns to cut the ribbon to welcome everyone in.

On March 12, Ascension Public School workers came together to help break ground at the new location of Bluff Middle at 15464 Bluff Road in Prairieville, Louisiana.

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