Matassa proclaims School Board Member Recognition Month

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Back Row, left to right –Council members Dempsey Lambert, Travis Turner, Oliver Joseph, Teri Casso, Bill Dawson, Benny Johnson, Todd Lambert, Aaron Lawler, John Cagnolatti, and Randy Clouatre. Front Row, left to right – School Board members Pat Russo, Marty Bourgeois, and Taft Kleinpeter, President Kenny Matassa, School Board members Julie Blouin, Scott Duplechein, Robin Penn-Delaney, John DeFrances, Jared Bercegeay, and John Murphy.

At the January 17 meeting of the Ascension Parish Council, President Kenny Matassa invited the entire Ascension Parish School Board as he proclaimed School Board Member Recognition Month.

According to the proclamation, the education of Louisiana’s school-aged children is the foundation upon which the social, economic, and intellectual capital of our state is built; and locally elected school boards play an important and vital role in a representative democracy, and decisions made by local boards of education directly influence instruction in Louisiana’s public schools. These decisions affect the present and future lives of children, and also set direction to prepare all students to be competitive in a local, state, national, and global 21st century economy.

Local school board members work with parents, businesses, education professionals, elected officials and other community members to create the educational visions we want for our students. This year’s theme – SCHOOL BOARDS MATTER! - reflects the relevance of local school board members as they advocate for public education with local, state, and federal leaders. School Board Recognition Month provides an opportunity to build stronger relationships between the thousands of people in Louisiana who champion the mission of public education and school board members.

Ascension Parish Government recognizes the contributions of the Ascension Parish School Board and all of the state’s local school boards to the academic success of its public school students and expresses its sincerest recognition to the local school board members for their focus on the well-being and achievement of children throughout the state.

Matassa encouraged all citizens to appropriately recognize the outstanding work of the Ascension Parish School Board.

Contributed by Ascension Parish Government