Ascension Parish Sheriff unveils command staff

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Sitting: Lt. Col. Mike Toney, Lt. Col. Paul Hall, Col. Paul Robert, Sheriff Bobby Webre, Lt. Col. Lee Anderson, Lt. Col. Donald Capello, and Lt. Col. Cody Melancon. Standing row: Kyle Gautreau, Belinda Eliser, Major Laura Gremillion, Major Craig Beaman, Major LC Irvin, Major Jeff Robert, Major Robert Williams, Karla Medine, CFO Sara Loupe, and PIO Allison B. Hudson.

Ascension Parish Sheriff Bobby Webre announced his leadership team during a staff meeting held Tuesday, January 15.

The transition within the sheriff’s office has begun and launching a new era of robust leadership is a key goal I envision,” said Sheriff Webre. “The management of our organization will continue the legacy of unmatched professionalism and stellar service to the citizens of Ascension Parish,” added Webre.

Members of the Leadership Team:

Paul Robert, Lee Anderson, Donald Capello, Mike Toney, Cody Melancon, Paul Hall, Craig Beaman, Robert Williams, LC Irvin, Jeff Robert, Laura Gremillion, Allison B. Hudson, Kyle Gautreau, Sara Loupe, Belinda Eliser, and Karla Medine.

Seven Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office Veterans will assume senior command positions. Colonel Paul Robert will serve as a Senior Advisor. Lt. Col. Lee Anderson will serve as Executive Officer.

Lt. Col. Donald Capello will serve as Deputy Chief of Criminal Operations. Lt. Col. Mike Toney will serve as Deputy Chief of Civil Operations. Lt. Col. Cody Melancon will serve as Deputy Chief of Special Operations. Lt. Col. Paul Hall will serve as Deputy Chief of Corrections and Security.

Major Craig Beaman will serve as Major over Criminal Operations. Major Robert Williams will serve as Major over Warrants and Security. Major LC Irvin will serve as Major over Business Office. Major Jeff Robert will continue his role as Information Technology and Facility Manager at the Gonzales Substation and 911 center. Major Laura Gremillion will serve as Major over Professional Standards and Accountability Unit.

Allison B. Hudson will continue to serve as Public Information Officer and Sara Loupe will continue to serve as Chief Financial Officer. Kyle Gautreau will serve as Intergovernmental Affairs Officer.

Sheriff’s executive assistant will be Belinda Eliser and his administrative assistant will be Karla Medine.

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