Advanced water meter installations to occur in Gonzales

Darian Graivshark

The City of Gonzales announced that the installation of new water meters would begin being installed in January.

The water meters will advance the metering infrastructure and are by Utility Metering Solutions. The advanced meters will enable the city to collect multiple reads per day, detect water leaks, bill accurately, and improve customer service.

The City of Gonzales notes that advanced metering technology allows for wireless transmission of meter readings.

By using advanced meters, it reduces the amount of carbon emission when meter readers are taken off of the road. The goal is to maintain Gonzales citizens' high quality of life.

With the new meters the City of Gonzales will be able to detect and minimize water losses. Once the upgrade of the meters begins in January, they are expected to take six months to complete installations. During this time, the City of Gonzales has stated they will have to interrupt some water services while replacing some water meters.

To inform customers about the status of their water meters and the installation, contractors will leave a door hanger at the main entrance of a property that has been serviced for their new meter.

Be on the lookout for Utility Metering Solutions employees who will be wearing yellow t-shirts, jackets, or vests. The City of Gonzales stated that these employees have completed comprehensive background checks, and their vehicles will be marked with a UMS logo.

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