Letter to the editor: Let’s turn up the turnout!

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

While it seems as though conversations regarding the Fall 2018 election season seems to be held only among politicians, pundits, and pollsters, we have a bit of unfinished business here in Louisiana. Many have moved on because their candidate of choice for some of the higher-stakes elections have already met their fate. Others are solely focused on preparing for and surviving this holiday season and all that comes with it. And, unfortunately, many don’t know, care, or remember that we have a runoff election currently underway.

Regardless of your ideology or political preferences, the best election results are those that are based upon an engaged electorate and maximum voter participation. Far too many times, too many just don’t vote. That’s certainly their right, but even nonvoters affect the outcomes of elections. Let’s get involved and stay involved in each of our elections. For now, that means if you haven’t voted early, you should certainly vote on December 8. There is no such thing as an unimportant election.

Rev. Ritney A Castine

Trinity AME Church

Gonzales, La.