New drainage plan in the works for Sorrento

Darian Graivshark

Residing in Louisiana, flooding is something many of us have become accustom to. Drainage and flooding is becoming an increasing focus for the state, as well as for cities within it, like Sorrento.

In regards to major drainage, "Sorrento becomes the major drainage outlet for other cities due to water displacement," Councilman Randy Anny said at the Sorrento Council Meeting on September 4.

Councilman Donald Schexnaydre brought up the issue that the city has no extra funding that goes towards any drainage repairs, as well as the amount of flooding that takes place in the city.

"I propose we look at a way to start funding towards this. Maybe we can look at charging all of our citizens $10 dollars per month for a year to work on funding improvements on drainage," Schexnaydre said.

Calculated annually, and taking into account the number of residents in Sorrento, money raised would amount to around $60,000 dollars that would go towards improvements. There are instances of broken parts that need to be replaced, or the purchase of new parts to replace the old ones, which will improve efficiency of drainage.

The council plans to look at creating a proposal to make sure the money goes towards drainage repair and improvements, and hope to present it to the citizens of the city.

"It burns me up that nothing has been done about this yet," Councilman Schexnaydre said. "We're forming a committee to put together a plan to improve drainage and get the ball rolling."

The back-flow of water prevents improvements from being made, so until there is action these improvements can't begin to take place.

"We need to work on helping us before we can't," Councilman Anny said.

There was also the discussion of vandalism that had taken place at a Sewer Plant, where pieces of asphalt were dumped into the pits and pipes. The act of vandalism created more than $11,000 dollars in costs to repair and correct.

Due to the damages, the council decided to begin contracting with security companies to install cameras to further prevent damages, or vandalism, and catching those who are responsible.

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