The Cabin Restaurant in Gonzales holds Republican Candidate Forum

Darian Graivshark
A sign for the Candidate Forum welcoming guests.

Creeping upon us is the election for a new Ascension Parish Court Judge and Louisiana Secretary of State.

Hosted by the Ascension Republican Parish Executive Committee and Ascension Republican Women, Candidates running for these positions were given a chance to speak about why they should be elected. The event took place at The Cabin Restaurant on August 14.

Candidates that had the opportunity to speak included: Kim Landry, Erin Wiley Lanoux, Kyle Ardoin, Rick Edmonds, and Julie Stokes. A.G. Crowe was unable to attend due to a funeral he attended the same day.

During Kim Landry's time to speak she said, "Experience means everything when we apply the law, as well as communication."

Landry has been an attorney for over 21 years and expresses how great of an asset that is, as she runs for the position of Ascension Parish Court Judge.

"It's important who we choose as a judge, because it affects all of our lives," Landry said.

Also running for Court Judge is Erin Wiley Lanoux. Lanoux said, "I've come to appreciate the government and our citizens, and I am passionate about serving the community."

Lanoux went on to explain that one way she serves the community outside of law is by volunteering to read to second graders on Wednesday nights.

Running for Louisiana Secretary of State, Kyle Ardoin said, "Election Security is something important we need to work on. I have done that in the past, and will continue to do so by protecting the vital information you all live for every day while working to keep your information safe."

Ardoin went on to express how proud he is to be a Confirmed Constitutional Officer of Louisiana and will continue to uphold what he believes in.

Scott Wilfong spoke on A.G. Crowe's behalf due to a death in Crowe's family. "If you want someone with integrity and someone you can rely on, A.G. is the right person for you," Wilfong said. "He walks the walk and talks the talk. He has a great work ethic that will serve him well in this position."

Wilfong mentioned a great asset of Crowe's is that he achieved a 100% voting record for family value issues over the last 10 years and won the Gladiator Award from the Louisiana Family Forum for it.

The third candidate for La. Secretary of State was Rick Edmonds, who said, "I am a fighter and will not be boxed into a corner. I will fight for what is right."

He explained that he passionately fights for families, fights for life, and he won't apologize for that.

Julie Stokes ended the Forum with her speech and said, "I am concerned that our children won't want a future in Louisiana, so I want to help rebuild Louisiana and push the state in a forward direction."

Stokes is a Certified Public Accountant and believes the knowledge she has gained through her career will help improve the state significantly.

The open primary for the election will begin on Tuesday, November 6 from 6 a.m. until 8 p.m. at your precinct.

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