Proposal made to change the parish flag

Darian Graivshark
Flag 1 under the proposal.

The flag of the United States of America is one that people recognize throughout the world thanks to its rich meaning and simple design.

At the young age of 12, Gordon Crawford has a keen interest in Vexillology. Vexillology is the study of flags and flag makings. Crawford is a resident of Gonzales and has been researching for the last two months on a proposal for the redesign of flag for Ascension parish.

Crawford lists the five rules that should apply when creating a flag.

"Our current parish flag has words on it and a seal," he said. "Words are not easily read, especially if it is blowing in the wind. The seal isn't a problem. Our seal is fantastic and can be absorbed very well, but isn't something that can be seen clearly if it is on the flag."

For example, when you look at the American flag, you know it represents America. Crawford believes that if you look at the Ascension flag, it isn't easily distinguishable.

"I believe our parish has the brightest future in Louisiana," Crawford said. "We have growing tourism, a growth in residents, and growth in businesses. We need to show how unique we are from other parishes and redesign the flag."

With three different flag designs prepared, Crawford confidently proposed them to the council. The first flag was simple. The green represents agriculture, blue represents the Mississippi River and industry, and the white with stars represents the unity of Louisiana. The red stars inside symbolize the pelicans blood from the state seal. The three stars also represent our two incorporated cities and one incorporated town: Gonzales, Donaldsonville, and Sorrento.

The second flag has a little more detail. The sun rising over the Jambalaya pot in the top left corner represents the cultural growth in Ascension and Donaldsonville's Sunshine Festival. The chemical plant emphasizes our strong industry.

The third photo, and the last, focuses more heavily on the industries, with the sugarcane symbol representing our industry in agriculture.

"If we had one symbol to unify Ascension that we can all agree on, it will further bring our community together and show our pride for our parish," Crawford said.

Councilman Aaron Lawler asked Crawford what his personal favorites were. They are between flag number 1 and flag number 2.

Councilwoman Teri Casso wanted to know how the council could move forward with determining which flag they would select for the future because she likes the idea of utilizing a new parish flag.

The council and Crawford came to the conclusion that they would conduct an online poll for residents of Ascension to vote on when deciding which flag they liked the most. It became a formal motion to create the poll with no oppositions.

Cast your vote for the new parish flag at Note that the fourth flag option is if you prefer to keep the current flag design.

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