Ascension Public Schools saving trees using Peachjar

Halen Doughty

Ascension Parish Public Schools are saving trees by using the digital flyer system Peachjar. By using the system, Ascension Public Schools have saved a total of 710,397 pieces of paper and 85 trees in the less than one year that the district has been using the system.

Jackie Tisdell with the Ascension Parish School Board said the district is excited about the flyer system. She said distributing flyers was burdensome for everyone and often time consuming to approve the flyer, print, and distribute them to the more than two dozen schools within the district.

"So for us it was an efficiency thing, and it's also great for the environment," said Tisdell.

Tisdell said it's estimated that in one year of using the program, AP schools will save more than two million sheets of paper and 256 trees.

With the new system that the district began using in December, all of the flyers are archived online, which makes it easier for parents to access the information. The system also emails a PDF file of the flyers to parents. This has been particularly useful at this time of year, she said, because tons of flyers for summer camps are sent home towards the end of the school year.

AP schools began using the system after school officials were approached by the company at a national conference. Tisdell said they ran the idea by the parent advisor group before launching it in the district. She said parents were very supportive of the digital delivery system, and there's been plenty of positive feedback since schools began using Peachjar.

After a nominal fee for implementation, there is no ongoing cost for the 27 schools in the district to use the program. Tisdell said other groups pay a fee to send flyers to the schools, and then those groups can track how many times the flyer has been viewed or downloaded.

Tisdell said parents of high schoolers especially love the system. Prior to using Peachjar, teachers couldn't be sure the flyers that were being sent home actaully made it into the hands of parents. If the flyer gets lost, parents can always check back in their email or view the flyers on the school's website.

Since Peachjar first launched in 2013 schools nationwide have saved 2.25 billion pieces paper, which translates to more than 270,000 trees. Schools using Peachjar also save, on average, $36,000 per year in paper and labor costs.

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