Sorrento Council approves LOMR application

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Captain Joey Mayeaux delivers the monthly police report to the town council.

Mayor Mike Lambert explained that the Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) is based on a parish-wide project to improve the 77 sq. mile Bayou Conway, Panama Canal drainage basin.

He said that the work done by HNTB Corporation to adjust base-flood elevations in the town were "kind of good news." HNTB was hired by the parish to evaluate whether or not some flood-improvement projects could be done, explained engineer Melissa Kennedy.

She said that the LOMR package will be submitted to FEMA to change the 100-year floodplain that currently exists, concerning base-flood elevations. It had to be signed by Gonzales, Sorrento and Ascension Parish. This is what determines flood insurance costs. Sorrento is within the floodplain, but with the revision most people's base elevation drops nearly a foot. Not everyone will see a drop in flood insurance cost, but some may.

Next, Ricky Compton was reappointed as Planning and Zoning Director. A zoning board was also created at the meeting. Two men were appointed, Chris Guidry and Kenneth Faucier.

It was a quiet month for APSO in Sorrento. Captain Joey Mayeaux delivered possibly his last police report to the council before retirement.

"This is for the month of February," Capt. Mayeaux said. "We had nine vehicle accidents, no burglaries, five thefts, no robberies, only three alarms, one business, one cancelled, one residence. I'm very happy with that. No narcotics cases. We had 48 total calls, which was one of our lowest months. One ordinance. We wrote ten citations and made three arrests."

"I like the zero burglaries," Mayor Mike Lambert said. "So you will be back for your last meeting, right?"

"You keep believing that," Mayeaux said. The meeting erupted with laughter.

"Enjoy your retirement," Lambert said.

"Thank you! Y'all have a good day."

The monthly financial report was read by accountant Jacob Waguespack. Waguespack said nothing out of the ordinary was going on with the planned budget. Cash is still down from last year's June year-end budget $63,000. But the town is waiting on FEMA for $62,000. Additionally, sales tax collections are up seven-and-a-half percent from last year.

Lastly, Sorrento is seeing some problem with people parking trailers in the town. They are calling attention to skirting violations.

What's next? Join the DEQ discussion on the dump expansion Thursday, May 3 at 6 p.m. at the Sorrento Community Center. The council will meet again next month.