LDEQ Clean Water State Revolving Loan Fund seeks fundable projects, emphasis on green

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen

The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF) is seeking qualified eligible projects to be considered for funding. Priority will be given to projects meeting the requirements of the Green Project Reserve (GPR).

CWSRF eligible projects include, but are not limited to, the construction, alteration or repair of publicly owned treatment works (POTW) as well as implementation of nonpoint source pollution control and estuary management programs. GPR projects are classified as one or more of the following categories: green infrastructure, water efficiency, energy efficiency and environmentally innovative. GPR projects must also qualify as an eligible project under the CWSRF.

The CWSRF program provides financial assistance to any political subdivision, public trust, agency or commission of the state, or a private entity in the form of below market interest loans.

For additional information about the LDEQ CWSRF program, please visit our website at www.deq.louisiana.gov/CWSRF.

In order to apply, please complete and submit the CWSRF pre-application which can be found by clicking Apply on the webpage.

Contributed by LDEQ