Latino becomes certified Assessor

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
(Left to right) Assessor Smiley, Kim Latino, and Donaldsonville Office Manager, Dana Washington.

The Ascension Parish Assessor's Office has sent out a public "congratulations" to Kim Latino for completing the prerequisites to become a Certified Louisiana Deputy Assessor.

The assessor's certification process requires 135 hours of challenging coursework as set forth by the Louisiana Assessor’s Association in conjunction with the International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO).

Moreover, IAAO is a professional organization of government assessment officials with over 7000 members worldwide. Earning a certification demonstrates the highest level of professionalism available in the field of appraising.

The assessor's office states that Kim Latino has served 12 years as Deputy Assessor in the Transfer Division in the Assessor’s Donaldsonville office. Furthermore, she accepted the challenges of pursuing her certification while meeting the demands of parenting and maintaining her full-time work schedule.

Kim has two children. Ashlyn is a sophomore honor student at Ascension Catholic who balances academics and volleyball. And Dax, her six-year-old rookie linebacker, was toughing through practice and anticipating supper when he got home, according to his mother.

Remarkably, Kim certified within a year. Her two children, Ashlyn and Dax, completed very successful school years while maintaining their full load of activities. Kim’s achievement was not an easy accomplishment as any parent can attest. The Ascension Parish Assessor’s Office is very proud of Kim’s hard work and diligence.

A well-trained staff is essential to providing you, the citizens of Ascension Parish, the best service you deserve. I am very proud of Kim’s accomplishment and her commitment to improve herself and to improve your Assessor’s Office,” Assessor Smiley said.