Walker Police arrest three suspects in burglary

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen
Amos Joseph Lebert

Efforts of three men to burglarize a residence in Walker were interrupted by a swarm of Walker Police Officers Wednesday morning. According to Captain John Sharp, Walker Police received a report of a burglary in process after a caretaker who was watching over the residence and surrounding property while the owners are out of town saw suspicious activity. “The residence where the burglary occurred is equipped with video surveillance cameras which were being remotely monitored,” Captain Sharp reported. “While viewing a live feed from the surveillance cameras, the caretaker saw a vehicle and trailer pull up to the property and three men enter a shed on the premises. When the men began removing items from the shed and loading them onto the trailer, the caretaker called our Department.”

Lt. Deontony Williams was the first Walker Officer to arrive, seeing the three suspects and ordering them to stop. One of the suspects obeyed Lt. Williams’ order and quickly surrendered, but the other two men fled. Other Walker Officers quickly arrived and a search began for the two men who fled the scene. Lt. Williams had last seen then men running toward a nearby mobile home, so Officers focused their search in the area of the trailer. “We immediately set up a perimeter around the mobile home where we believed the two suspects were hiding,” said Walker Police Chief David Addison. “There was skirting around the bottom of the trailer and we noticed an opening in the skirting with markings on the ground near the opening indicating someone may have crawled through the opening and could be hiding under the mobile home.”

“One of our Officers offered to crawl under the trailer and within a matter of two or three minutes, the Officer found one of the suspects hiding under the trailer,” said Chief Addison. “The suspect was ordered to come out and he made the wise decision to surrender.” Meanwhile, on the other side of the trailer, Detective Chris Dufour found another gap in the trailer skirting. “At the second opening in the trailer skirting, Detective Dufour found evidence that someone had crawled through the hole to get under the trailer,” Chief Addison explained. “Detective Dufour then looked through the hole, saw the remaining suspect and ordered him to come out. The man complied and was taken into custody without incident.”

Chief Addison praised the quick response and efforts of his Officers. “The location of this burglary is on the far south end of the City,” Addison said. “The call was dispatched at 10:21 a.m. and a large number of our on-duty Officers and I responded. Even though two of the suspects fled the scene to avoid capture, all three men were in custody by 10:37 a.m., only 16 minutes after we received notification of the crime. I could not be prouder of my Officers and their efforts.”

Following their arrest, the men were taken to the Walker Police Department for processing. “The suspects were identified as Amos Joseph Lebert (35) of Prairieville, Jacob Denson Fisher (45) of Boyce, La. and Wade Thomas Bauer (45) of Denham Springs,” Captain Sharp stated. “The three men will each be charged with Burglary, Resisting Arrest and Criminal Damage to Property,” Captain Sharp stated. “Following their processing, the suspects were transported to the Livingston Parish Detention Center for booking. As of the time of this press release, bond for the suspects had not been set.”

Contributed by Walker Police Department