Gonzales City Council tackles numerous issues at Monday meeting

Halen Doughty
Lane Edmonston and Mayor Barney Arceneaux

It was a busy night at the Gonzales City Council meeting on Monday. The council addressed residents' concerns and celebrated the service of a dedicated planning and zoning commissioner.

Waste Pro customers have made numerous complaints about their trash collection service following the holidays. Prairieville residents went over two weeks with no trash pickup, and Gonzales residents have similar issues with their service.

Gonzales City Clerk Scot Byrd said he called the CEO of the company after hearing numerous complaints from citizens. He said he discussed the financial repercussions the company could face if incidents like this continue to occur. After much discussion on the matter, Byrd said the company agreed to provide additional manpower to ensure such lapses in service will no longer be an issue.

Planning and Zoning Commissioner Ralph Delatte was recognized for his five years of service on the board. Frank Cagnolatti spoke about Delatte's work on the commission, saying many things happened during his tenure including the flood and the opening of the Edenborne Extension.

Cagnolatti added that Delatte has been a dedicated worker, who is also a business owner and family man. Delatte vacated his position on the commission because he is moving. Local realtor Lane Edmondston was appointed to fill the open spot on the Planning and Zoning Commission.

The council proposed moving some dollars around in the budget so the fire department can get new radios. The funds would be moved from the capital outlay funding, so there would be no change to the overall budget for this expense. Gonzales Fire Chief Tracey Normand said the money will allow them to replace all of their portable radios for all full-time and part-time firefighters on the force. A final vote on the issue will be taken in two weeks.

Additional businesses included pay raises for both the mayor and the chief of police, as well as expanding the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council from 10 to 16 members.

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