Owner arrested in case of horse neglect

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A 32-year-old Gonzales man, Kenneth D. Corley, was arrested for cruelty to animals on Tuesday, September 5th. The horse he allegedly neglected, now named Miraj, is fighting for his life at Kleinpeter Equine Veterinary Services. The severely neglected animal is in very guarded condition and the next 72 hours will be critical to his survival.

“This is among the worst cases of horse neglect that I've seen,” Executive Director Jeff Dorson said. “We are hoping this deserving horse beats the odds and has a chance at a happy life."

Humane Society of Louisiana Shelter Manager, Jessica Cameron, received a call from CARA’s House shelter in Sorrento around 10 a.m. They reported that animal control was on the scene of a cruelty case and requested assistance.

Cameron contacted the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Department and made arrangements to meet at the scene. When she arrived, veterinarian Dr. Anna Norwood was already at the location, along with Sgt. Steven Thrash and Deputy Eric Giroir, along with Brandi Tucker of CARA's House, who later assisted in the transport of the stud.

Cameron found the 7-year-old buckskin stud barely alive and existing in absolutely deplorable conditions. Skin and bones, he was standing in incredible filth. Once the stall door was opened, the long-suffering animal was able to walk outside. He seemed eager for affection. He also wanted to graze, and Dr. Norwood gave him needed fluids, before the decision was made to transport him to the equine hospital.

“We salute the Sheriff's Department and Sgt. Thrash in particular for this determination to help this horse,” Dorson said. “The Sergeant even provided an escort for the horse trailer, which had to moved very slowly to avoid any injury to Miraj." Thrash also made clear his intention to assist the group in future cruelty cases.

The Humane Society plans to return to the scene, since it was determined that the accused also has a dog at the residence living in poor conditions.

Donations to assist with Miraj's care can be made at www.HumaneLA.org and checks made be sent to: Humane Society of Louisiana, PO Box 740321, New Orleans, LA 70174. All donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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