Opinion: Country torn yet again by Trump immigration policy

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

Louisiana sides with Trump. That is hardly a secret. At least on most measures. And New Orleans is always the exception. A recent move polarizing the country is the phasing-out of DACA.

What is DACA? It stands for Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals. Basically it is a measure put forth by the Obama administration that allowed protection for children of immigration.

Louisiana's Attorney General Jeff Landry, along with nine other attorneys general challenged Trump and pushed for the Federal Government to end DACA.

Trump apparently responded today by rescinding DACA, claiming that the coalition of attorneys general would have ended DACA within the Justice Department, had his administration not sided with them.

I applaud President Trump for phasing out DACA. This executive amnesty was another example of the Obama Administration bypassing Congress to advance its radical agenda,” Landry said in a September 5 press release.

What does this mean? Well, for many people who have grown up in the U.S. this means deportation. Reportedly 800,000 people are protected under DACA. These are people who have already began their lives here. Surely there cannot be 800,000 criminals protected under this act.

We have seen this year, Louisiana's AG continuously push back against immigrants. Landry attacked New Orleans' status earlier this year as a sanctuary city.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Landry for his measures to arrest child pornographers, but in the same breath question his hard-line stance on immigrants. Did Louisiana not rely on Mexican aid in the wake of Hurricane Katrina? Does that era simply become erased?

The news media appears to be, you guessed it, in opposition of Trump's measure. But Ascension Parish is a conservative majority. We actually want Trump to lead the country in the right direction. And we're taking it personal when Vogue Magazine bashes Melania's flood shoes (even though fashionista Joan Rivers once in the same breath called Obama a homosexual and Michelle Obama a man). Never mind that. We do not believe that one man's wealth should simply be handed to another--a basic republican belief.

Personally, I am reminded of a quote taken from a new album I've been listening to: "Americans will work for what it is they want. If it takes another year to get it, so f--king what!"

If children of immigrants, "dreamers" as protesters are calling themselves, are working to achieve what they want from life, why on earth would America think it's a good idea to screw them over?

But here is something to ponder. When we look out the window at night, do we see droves of (forgive my Game of Thrones reference, also intended for irony) White Walkers (immigrant zombies) coming down our streets, looking to destroy everything in their path or worse convert us into their doctrines and foreign (scary) belief systems? You tell me.

This unfortunate move by Trump's administration brings us one step closer to building a wall, another waste of money and a symbol of oppression (see Berlin Wall). Ask Texans if a wall is more important than rebuilding the immense region that is Houston, following the destruction caused by Hurricane Harvey last week. Ask Central and North Louisianans who are still trying to rebuild from the historic flooding of 2016. Finally, ask Florida who is looking down the barrel at Hurricane Irma.

What's more important?

Additionally, The United Farm Workers of America (UFW) called Trump's measure today 'heartless and immoral,' claiming Trump is "scapegoating" people who are not a threat to this country.

Congress now has an opportunity to save DACA. We're looking at you, Garret Graves. We're looking at you Bill Cassidy. We're looking at you Clay Higgins. You guys are against racism, right?

Prayers to all lawful immigrants who may lose their protection after today's announcement.