Find storm shelter through Airbnb

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief

While properties may be scarce, if in need of shelter Airbnb reports more than 500 homes are available through the program for Hurricane Harvey victims.

For $0 through September 25, temporary housing is available through the program.

This information was sent just a few minutes ago to press:

  • Houston, surrounding areas of Galveston and Corpus Christi, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Shreveport, Lake Charles and Lafayette have been added as designated areas that people can sign up to offer their homes to evacuees for $0.

  • Earlier this week, Airbnb activated hosts through our disaster response tool in the areas around San Antonio, Austin, Dallas and just north of Houston, including The Woodlands, College Station and Waco.

  • The availability of $0 listings is valid through September 25th and currently more than 500 homes are being offered through the program.

  • In the event of major emergencies like this one, Airbnb's Disaster Response Program provides a tool to support neighbors helping neighbors, allowing residents who have been displaced -- as well as emergency relief workers and volunteers who are coming in to assist --to find temporary housing with local Airbnb hosts who are opening their homes free of charge. All service fees are waived.

  • To offer housing or find a place to stay, visit