Amidst storm Parish holds donation drive at Lamar Dixon

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
U.S. Congressman Garret Graves loads a heap of toilet paper onto a trailer bound for Texas.

Fire Chief of St Amant's Volunteer Fire Department James "Chief" LeBlanc wrote a letter Monday urging parish residents to help the Hurricane Harvey relief effort by donating goods to the victims.

The local effort began August 29 and will go all week, so long as our own parish remains dry enough to do so. The donation drive is being coordinated by Sherry Denig, the executive director of Volunteer Ascension. Upwards of 20 people were on hand underneath barns 7 and 8 by the 4-H building at Lamar Dixon Tuesday morning.

"It began with a Facebook post by James LeBlanc," Denig said. "We've got no shortage of help."

Denig said their efforts are coordinated with faith-based organizations in Dickinson, Texas.

Parish President Kenny Matassa was also actively involved Tuesday, unloading cars and thanking people. Congressman Garret Graves was also on hand to help.

"I think that the President said it best this morning," Matassa said. "He said, 'friends helping friends and strangers helping strangers.' The people of Ascension Parish and the United States are just very giving. Thank God for that. Everybody needs to pray for the people in Houston, and I hope it doesn't rain too much over here."

Just remember, no clothes are being accepted. The process is painless, you aren't even asked to leave your vehicle.