Matassa actively takes role in storm prep

Staff Writer
Gonzales Weekly Citizen
CAO Ken Dawson, President Kenny Matassa, and OHSEP Director Rick Webre.

On August 25 President Matassa met with key staffers, including CAO Ken Dawson, Homeland Security Director Rick Webre, and DPW Director Bill Roux, on advance preparations for Hurricane Harvey.

While not expected to impact southeast Louisiana until next week at the earliest, sandbag operations are underway, portable pumps are being delivered to areas vulnerable to flash flooding, and the locks at the Marvin Braud Pumping Station, south of Sorrento, have been closed to keep out water from high tide.

Pumping operations will proceed as needed to reduce normal water retention in advance of potential impact. Evaluations will take place throughout the weekend and early next week to monitor inland waterways.

Once activated, pumping operations can remove normal water retention within 6-8 hours.

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