One Year Later: $90 Million in Federal Aid to Local Schools

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Gonzales Weekly Citizen

Nearly $90 million in federal assistance to date has been awarded to schools in southern Louisiana.

Seventy-six schools have been awarded funding for temporary facilities, emergency work and remediation, building repairs, contents and equipment.

Seventeen of those schools have shared more than $39 million for temporary facilities, including temporary classrooms for students.

FEMA is providing assistance to repair or replace taxpayer-funded infrastructure damaged by the August 2016 flood.

Typically, FEMA reimburses 75 percent of eligible infrastructure expenses. Given the magnitude of the August floods, FEMA is reimbursing applicants 90 percent of their eligible costs.

To date, FEMA assistance for debris removal, emergency measures and permanent work on roads, bridges, public buildings and schools totals more than $416 million. Those efforts continue.

FEMA provides funding to the state following disaster obligations. The state has a commitment with FEMA to reimburse applicants after administrative actions are completed.

FEMA policies that determine which projects are eligible for funding and how and when funding is provided are available online at:

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