Latest poll for Louisiana Treasurer shows Edwards ahead

Greg Fischer Editor-in-chief
Republican candidate for State Treasurer with ties to Ascension Parish, John Schroder, meets with local officials in Gonzales on June 9.

A Remington Research Group survey conducted August 7 and 8 tallied 811 likely voters for the 2017 special election for State Treasurer, and here is what they found.

The first question asked what are participants' opinion of republican candidate John Schroder. Schroder, a former Ascension Parish police officer easily secured endorsements from local parish officials when he announced he was leaving his seat in the state legislature to focus on the race.

Schroder, a successful businessman and Covington, La. resident held a meet and greet in early June at Kamal's in Gonzales.

However, only 11 percent of the participants in the poll claimed to hold a "Favorable" opinion of Schroder. Twelve (12) percent of the participants chose "Unfavorable." Seventy-seven (77) percent selected "No opinion."

Republican candidate Angele Davis found slightly less favorable results in the survey. Eleven (11) percent held a "Favorable" opinion of her. Fourteen (14) percent selected "Unfavorable." And 75 percent of participants held "No opinion." Davis was formerly the budget chief for Bobby Jindal. She also worked as tourism secretary for Mitch Landrieu when he served as lieutenant governor.

Next, republican candidate Neal Riser had exactly the same numbers as Davis (11 percent-Favorable, 14 percent-Unfavorable and 75 percent-No opinion). The 10-year Louisiana Senator from Columbia, La. is a former chairman of the Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Committee.

The last question on the survey asked participants, "If the election were held today, for whom would you vote?" The remaining candidate, Democrat Derrick Edwards was in the lead with 29 percent. Schroder was next with 18 percent. Riser held 11, and Davis held 10 percent. Thirty-four (34) percent remained undecided.

Edwards, the Harvey, La. resident from New Orleans has one slogan which reads, "It's Time for A CHANGE!" Another one claims, "I AM THE MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE!!!" with three exclamation marks for emphasis. The most info about him can be found here.

Notably, Participants were polled from Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, Lake Charles, Monroe, New Orleans and Shreveport, of which 34 percent of participants were from New Orleans. Baton Rouge held the second largest number of participants with 25 percent. Thirty-seven (37) percent of participants were Republican, and 49 percent Democrat.

Additionally, 55 percent of participants in the survey were female. Of all participants, 50 percent claimed to hold a "Conservative" ideology. A "Moderate" ideology was held in 35 percent of participants, and 15 percent were "Liberal." Poll can be found here.

The special election to replace U.S. Senator John Kennedy will be held Oct. 14.